Spotni(c)k the city

The young Swedish startup Spotscale is broadening its project portfolio through a competition: if you want your building/house/favourite hangout to be drone-digitised and 3D printed, visit their fun and colourful website: the Life of Spotnik.

How much cooler does it get?

We get totally switched on by transforming drone captured building data into digital and physical models. Residential houses, cabins, modern architectural masterpieces, castles or mansions are all interesting to us. Maybe you have a peculiar building that would look awesome in 3D? We’d love to drone it. – See more at:

Check out their blog as well, including the Naked Truth, a post that lets you freely manipulate a 3D visualisation of a “before/after” building modification.

Although the startup is commercial, there is a clear potential for using drone and 3D printing technology for community-based mapping, particularly in the context of university-community engagements.

So meet Spotnik:

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