‘The Sustainability Map’

Hållbara kartan – mapping sustainable planning initiatives

Hållbara Kartan  is a new 3D “Sustainaiblity Map” of Stockholm being populated with diverse projects that showcase diverse sustainability projects and initiatives in and about the City of Stockholm.

It is easy to navigate in the Google Earth-like environment, and individual projects can be clicked on to reveal images, text descriptions, and potentially any media whatsoever that could help describe the project – audio, video, etc.

It is used to showcase private or public projects, but one can easily think of other applications, such as public engagement through focus groups or full-on online surveys to inform urban planning projects, plans or strategies. It could also be adapted to visualise, explore and discuss environmental impacts of development proposals.

Hållbara Kartan  is supplied through CityPlanner, provided by the 3-4D visualisation software developer company Agency9.

Here is for some summary background information in Swedish on the map hosted by Stockholm City, including contact details for organisations in the Stockholm area wishing to have their project showcased live.

Looking forward to an English version for those who cannot speak Swedish – probably when the map features even more projects likely to interest international viewers.


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