Reviewing opportunities for social housing retrofits in 2023 and beyond

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When life takes over, personal blogs seem to stand still. That is not to discount near-constant research activity in the brain. Hence the intriguing saying: “A researcher hardly ever sleeps” – as they probably say.

This post merely shares the publication of a new blog post on the Idox Knowledge Exchange blog where I am delighted to contribute occasional thought leadership (as thoughts indeed seem to lead much of what one does).

The latest blog post, published on 11 April 2023, is entitled New life for old homes: the potential of retrofitting social housing. Wherein the prohibitive cost of not retrofitting is discussed, along with different approaches to help deliver social housing retrofits at pace and at scale in Britain. From high-rises to semi-detached houses, all types of homes can be retrofitted to low-carbon, energy-efficient performance.

Companion reads include:

Stay put for future blog posts on the Knowledge Exchange blog and explore related posts.

Renovating social housing in Maldon, Essex, using the Dutch-born Energiesprong business model and methodology. Picture credit: Energiesprong International (2019) on Flickr.

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