The well-tempered public consultation (part 1)

This article was posted on 27 February 2023 on the blog of Idox Knowledge Exchange where I now work.

For those interested in the design and evaluation of public participation in planning, it should come as no surprise that things arenot always as well-balanced as they could be, due to such factors as participatory deficits, digital divides, stand-alone consultations, and relative lack of awareness from the public about what how to engage with town planning effectively, let alone what planning actually is.

The article reviews the first four of the UK Government’s Consultation Principles (2018), in light of the state-of-the-art in blended community engagement. A twelth Principle is added for good measure in the second part to the article, as a way to better act upon possible synergies between the eleven principles.

Happy reading! (~ 4 minute read)

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